Patient Info

Patient Info

Day of Surgery

Nothing to eat or drink – (‘nil by mouth’)

The pre-assessment clinic should give you clear instructions about eating and drinking. These instructions are important. If there is food or liquid in your stomach during your anesthetic, it could come up into your throat and damage your lungs.

If you are a smoker you should not smoke on the day of your operation.

If you are taking medicines: most medicines should be continued cefore and operation, but there are some important exceptions. You will need specific instruction form the pre-assessment team about your tablets.

If you feel unwell when you are due to come into the hospital, please telephone the office for advice.

More information

This is a very useful opportunity for you to ask any questions that yo have about the anesthetic and about coming into hospital generally. If the staff do not have all the answers you need, they will be able to help you find out more.

When you are called for your operation

  • A member of staff will go with you to the O.R.
  • You can wear your glasses, hearing aid and dentures until you are in the anesthetic room. You may be able to keep them on if you are having local or regional anesthetic.
  • Jewellery and or any decorative piercing should ideally be removed. If you cannot remove it, the nurses will cover it with take to prevent damage to it or to your skin.
  • If you are having s local or regional anesthetic, you can take your own electric device, with headphones/ear buds to listen to music.
  • You may walk to theatre, accompanied by a member of staff, or you may go in a wheelchair or on a bed or trolley. If you are walking, you can wear your own dressing gown and slippers.
  • Final checks will be done as you arrive in the operating department, before the anesthetic starts. You will be asked to confirm your name, the operation you are having, whether left or right side (if applicable), when you last ate or drank and your allergies. These routine checks are normal in all hospitals.